6 Week / 3 Phase Ab Guide

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benefits of Vitamins-2.png

6 Week / 3 Phase Ab Guide


6 week - 3 Phase

Is an Interact Guide of abdominal workouts that you would add at the end of your workout and cardio sessions

the guide itself does not have full body exercises due to everyone's goals being different I wanted to keep it flexible and focused on the mid-section

With a lean meal plan your body will lean and trim up with each phase

6 week is here to compliment and push your workouts over the edge! 

Along with Lifestyle Guidance on how to live your life and lose weight and keep muscle
Approved Grocery List
Flexible Meal Plan so you can choose every morning what your craving
At Home and Gym Exercises included for your mid section
My Fav Core Burnners
"New Secrets"

PLEASE PLEASE Make sure you download PDF onto laptop or save in phone it will expire on the site within 24hrs!!!


Thank you guys again for all the support!!! OHH!!!! don't forget to send progress photos with every phase !!


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